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Samsung Announces SUHD TV, SMART TV and Joy Beat TV Range

Samsung Electronics, the leader in television technology for a decade, announced its new models of TVs in India. While introducing the world’s best picture quality in SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display technology, and several meaningful innovations and beautifully crafted designs that will transform the consumer’s TV viewing experience.

Samsung SUHD TV

The 2016 line-up comprises the SUHD TV range in the premium segment, Smart TV range in the mid segment and Joy Beat range in the affordable segment. The entire range features eleven innovations across segments. Prices range from Rs 28,000 to Rs 24 lakh.

The new SUHD TVs with Quantum Dot Display offer Quantum Dot Colour and HDR 1000, which demonstrate ground-breaking advances in colour reproduction, brightness, contrast and details. The state-of-the-art design with the world’s first bezel-less curved design and a new, easy and integrated Smart TV experience delivers an unrivalled entertainment experience.

The new range of Smart and Joy Beat televisions will come with a host of innovative features, catering to the unique needs of Indian consumers. The Smart TV range with Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart Play provides the most advanced Smart TV experience. Also, the new Joy Beat range with a unique design and an integrated sound station with built-in tweeters will elevate your TV viewing experience.

Samsung UHD TV

Samsung aims to revolutionize the concept of home entertainment with beautifully designed TV by 11 meaningful Innovations in the 2016 TV range :

  1. Quantum Dot Colour 
  2. HDR 1000 
  3. Bezel-less Curved Design 
  4. Single Access with Customizable UI
  5. Auto Device Detection and One Remote
  6. Convergence across platforms
  7. 2 Way Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  8. Cric-o-mania Application
  9. Smart View App with a touchpad remote
  10. Virus Free TV with Extendable Memory
  11. Integrated Sound Station

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“SUHD TV with Quantum dot display: The world’s most lifelike picture”

Samsung’s new range of SUHD TV’s with Quantum Dot colour and HDR 1000 offers the purest colour and the most striking brightness in the market today. A breath-taking bezel-less curved design, coupled with Samsung Smart TV experience, makes it stand apart for other premium TVs in the market.

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung SUHD TV

The SUHD range will be available in the sizes of 123 cm (49 inches) to 223 cm (88 inches). Prices range from Rs 179,900 to 2,399,900 (MRP).

“Smart TVs: TV was never this Smart”

The new range of Smart TVs from Samsung with a host of innovations in areas of Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart play provides the most advanced Smart TV experience.

Samsung’s Smart TV range will be available in 80 cm (32 inches) to 223 cm (88 inches). Prices range from Rs 34,500 to Rs 703,900 (MRP).

“Joy Beat TV: India’s own Music TV”

Joy Beat series features a revolutionary new retro-chic design that has front firing speakers coupled with tweeters that deliver loud, crisp sound for the best bass and sound quality.

Joy Beat range will be available in 80 cm (32 inches) to 123 cm (49 inches). Prices range from Rs 27,900 to Rs 69,500 (MRP).

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